When Taylor Swift bought her Rhode Island beach house, she probably didn't anticipate that she'd cause turmoil. According to several reports, some of the residents aren't overly pleased with their new neighbor.

Because the singer's $17.5 million property line is near a public path to the shore, beach goers are angry about their limited access to the coast and the amount of security guards that are watching over her abode.

But a Rhode Island official is defending Swift against the public backlash, saying she's in the right.

“There has been an ongoing problem with people climbing onto her wall,” a local official for the Watch Hill Fire District, a wing of the Parks Commission overseeing the area, tells RadarOnline. "The public is allowed on the beach, but only below the high tide water mark."

“When it’s high tide, they can’t be on her beach at all," the unnamed official adds. "When the tide is out, they can legally walk on the beach below the high tide mark.”

After a scary incident in which a fan was found trespassing near her beachfront home, the superstar and her security team are undoubtedly taking every precautionary measure to ensure Swift stays protected.

Although she has taken a little bit of time to enjoy her massive new real estate property, even dining with pal Lena Dunham in the area, Swift has been incredibly busy on the road, traveling on her 2013 Red Tour. She also recently performed with the Rolling Stones, and sweetly surprised a contestant on 'The Voice' with a short appearance on the show.

Ideally, by the time the songstress has time to fully relax and enjoy the beautiful view from her new Rhode Island home, the property line problems will be solved.