Although Taylor Swift has a break from touring for the holidays, things are bustling at her Rhode Island beach home, with a seawall being rebuilt outside of her estate.

Permits were issued to the songstress on Nov. 6 for “riprap revetment repair” and "landscaping 128 feet of new retaining wall" along the seawall of her Watch Hill beach house. The permits also give allowance for the replacement of unsafe rocks and re-setting of existing rocks, the Westerly Sun reports.

Like anyone invested in a piece of property, Swift wanted to increase safety where she could.

The damaged wall was actually hit hard during Hurrican Sandy. As Laura Dwyer, spokeswoman for the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council, explains, “It all started during Sandy. The wall sustained damage during Sandy. We’ve done our due diligence."

Before approving the application, several CRMC staff members and the executive director visited the property to cite that it's a permitted activity on Swift's part.

Dwyer also states that the boulders were originally placed against the seawall, but the effects of erosion caused them to pull away from the wall and into the water.

"When the applicant came in with plans, they were proposing to leave those rocks way out in the water. We were the ones who asked them to get those boulders as close to the seaward side of that concrete wall as possible," Dwyer reveals, explaining Swift's part in the whole thing.

The purpose of the project -- which has drawn quite a lot of speculation and disproval due to false reports -- is simply to repair the seawall that was damaged. In fact, Swift is prohibited from impending any public right of way to the ocean or lateral access along the shoreline, and according to Dwyer, "Wall is okay. Everything is on the level. They haven't done anything wrong."

The superstar's Rhode Island residence has seen lots of attention from the public eye. After she paid $17 million in cash for the 11,000-square-foot-plus home, she has experienced angry neighbors and even a trespasser. Hopefully, once the construction crew leaves, she'll enjoy some peace and quiet!