Taylor Swift has a heart of solid gold. The sensitive singer debuted a heartfelt ballad called 'Ronan' last night (Sept. 7) at the 'Stand Up to Cancer' telethon. It was reportedly the first time that the song was ever performed publicly. She penned the song for a little boy named Ronan, 4, who died of cancer, specifically a neuroblastoma, which is a tumor, last year. Swift co-wrote the song with the little boy's mother, Maya Thompson, after reading one of her blog entries. All proceeds from the song will be donated to cancer charities via the Taylor Swift Charitable Fund.

The song is a gorgeous, lilting ballad is written with detailed lyrics about little Ronan that only a mother could know, making his presence feel immediate and current. In a hushed voice that packs emotion in every note, Swift sings about his bare feet running down the hallway; about his little laugh; and about his race cars on the kitchen floor, set against a sad, melancholy guitar line. Swift infuses the song with warmth and love and ultimately, it's a touching tribute rife with emotion.

Thompson blogged a "love letter" to Swift, sharing how the singer, 22, had helped her get through the pain of losing her little one. She later helped Swift write the song in memory of Ronan and has an official co-writing credit on the track.

You can purchase 'Ronan' here and take a listen to it below. But be forewarned -- it's so beautiful and personal that it might yank a tear out of your eye.

Listen to Taylor Swift 'Ronan'