Taylor Swift's announcement to release a pop album marks a big change for the singer in the country music world. But with the video for her new '80s pop-inspired single reminds us all of one thing that will never change -- Swift will always give us insanely fun and original music videos!

The premise of Swift's 'Shake It Off' video is seems simple enough: throw the hilariously awkward superstar into a bunch of different dance settings and see what sticks. But like all of her music videos, this one tells a story -- this time, it's just a bit more subtle.

Throughout 'Shake It Off,' Swift tries her hand at ballet, ribbon dancing, pop-and-lock moves, modern dance and even a little booty-shaking hip-hop ... and mostly fails. She is delightfully awkward, yet sure of herself, even as she literally crawls through the bouncing booties of dancers you would probably find in a music video for that one guy who tried to humiliate her that one time.

It's fitting, because the whole point of the song and the video is to ignore the haters and be yourself. By the end of the video, Swift isn't dancing to choreographed moves in a costume someone put her in -- she's dancing just the way she likes. And she's surrounded by friends (well, fans who won a chance to dance in the music video and kept the secret for two months after the fact!) who have found their own dance as well -- who are marching to the beat of their own drum just like she is.

Swift's fifth studio album, '1989,' will hit shelves on Oct. 27.

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