After the crazy success of Taylor Swift's 'Red,' which she's still touring for, it's hard to imagine another album would be able to stand up. Nevertheless, the superstar already has seven or eight songs set for her next release!

Following the 2013 American Music Awards, Swift sat down with Billboard to talk about her fifth album. Although she has been sharing details here and there, it's exciting to know that it's officially underway -- and further along than anticipated.

"Yeah, we’ve got a lot," she confirms. "We got a lot already. It's crazy. There are probably seven or eight that I know I want on the record, so that’s really ahead of schedule for me."

Adds the songstress, "I’m just stoked because it’s already evolved into a new sound, and that’s all I wanted. I would have taken two years to make that happen, but it kind of happened naturally."

Of course, everyone is wondering what the new sound will be, as Swift is known for never making the same album twice. But she's staying mum about the song titles, direction and specific details.

What Swifties can look forward to is this: the record will be an emotionally well-rounded album with details about her personal life, penned by Swift herself.

The 2013 AMA Artist of the Year is on fire right now, and the floodgates really have opened, which has fans hoping that her ahead-of-schedule songwriting will translate into an ahead-of-schedule album release!

Right now, expect Swift's new album to hit sometime in 2014.