Over the weekend, Taylor Swift’s Speak Now 2011 World Tour pulled into Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. for not one, but two, sold out shows. While selling out a football stadium is no small feat, it wouldn’t be the first time Ms. Swift took home that honor. Last year, Swift sold out the same venue in just 20 minutes for what would be her very first headlining show at an NFL stadium, becoming the first female headlining act ever to play at Gillette. As you can see in these concert pictures, she has a small place in her heart for the home of the New England Patriots.

On any given day in New England the weather can change in the blink of an eye, and even country music’s hottest commodity couldn’t hold off the rain for too long. About halfway through her first show, the heavens opened up and the rain fell -- but that didn’t seem to bother Swift or any of her 52,000 closest friends, who only seemed fueled by the rain to dance a little harder and sing a little louder. It all helped make the night a memorable one for Swift, who told the crowd, “I’ll never forget the night I saw 52,000 people dancing in the rain.’’

Night two would prove to be a bit drier, but the momentum from the night before could be felt throughout. Swift hit the stage with her lucky number “13” painted on her right hand and her new tradition as of late, a line of lyrics from a favorite song scribed down her arm. In the past she’s scribbled lyrics from Tom Petty and some of her own songs, but tonight’s inspiration would be provided by none other than one Mr. Tim McGraw. The lyrics read: "Like love from a drunken sky, confetti falling down all night" from the song 'She’s My Kind of Rain' ... perhaps some lingering appreciation from the wet night before?

Swift’s current tour features nine costume changes, an eight-piece band, and a full dance troupe to round out her Broadway-inspired production.  There are fireworks, aerialists and drama galore, but at the end of the day what everyone came for is one girl, her guitar and a song.

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