Taylor Swift performed 'Superman,' a rare track from the deluxe edition of her current album 'Speak Now,' for the very first time in concert last night (September 24) in Kansas City, Mo. during a special solo acoustic segment.

"This is the part of the show where I have an acoustic guitar, and I can kinda do whatever I want with it," Swift announced while strumming, before setting the crowd off into a high-pitched frenzy by asking, "I kind of want to play a song for you that I've never played before, if that's OK?"

She set the stage a bit more by explaining, "This is about, well, a guy, as usual. This was a guy that I was sort of enamored with. This song got its title by something that I just said randomly in conversation. [When] he walked out of the room, I turned to one of my friends and said, 'It's like watching Superman fly away.'"

She then launched into the gentle, slightly melancholy tune (featuring, of course, a big arena-ready singalong chorus), and despite the fact that this track is only available on the deluxe, Target-exclusive edition of 'Speak Now,' a good deal of the crowd was quickly singing along with Swift.

That's not the only spontaneous happening at a recent Taylor Swift show. There have been, that we know of, two marriage proposals witnessed by the singer, most recently earlier this week at a concert in Tulsa, Okla.

Watch Taylor Swift Perform 'Superman' Live in St. Louis

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