Taylor Swift's role as Rosemary in 'The Giver' has been talked about, but rarely seen ... until now. A new clip shows singer/actress in action.

Swift is seen as a hologram version of Rosemary, playing the piano with a young version of the Giver, played by Jeff Bridges. Jonas (Brenton Thwaites) looks onto the scene with the older version of himself. The Giver explains a little bit about Rosemary and tells her story to Jonas, adding that she "no longer exists" and now is strictly the hologram he is seeing.

But trailers and short clips don't do her justice. Swift's part as Rosemary is minor, but she's an important asset in the story. Rosemary is the receiver of the memory; she brought memories back to the community in 'The Giver.'

Even author Lois Lowry admits how important Swift's role is.

"Her [Taylor's] role in the movie is much the same in the book, except in the book she’s only remembered … and in the movie you can see the memory of her," Lowry explains. "She appears in, I don’t know the technical term would be, but you can see her. And it’s very compelling."

'The Giver' hits theaters Friday, Aug. 15.