Taylor Swift is joining UNICEF's Tap Project initiative, according to The Boot. For this undertaking, celebrities are bottling tap water from their homes in order to help raise funds for the 900 million people globally that lack access to fresh, clean and safe drinking water. While many of us take the availability of water for granted, the lack of fresh water is an epidemic in many countries, which makes this celeb-driven project so relevant and easy to partake in.

The celebrities bottle their household tap water, all of which will be combined into a "Celebrity Tap Pack" featuring customized water bottles from a variety of famous folks. Those who contribute to the UNICEF Tap Project, which has raised nearly $2.5 million dollars since its 2007 launch, will then have a chance to win the luxurious, celebrity "Tap Pack."

Remember, every dollar donated helps UNICEF provide clean, safe water to a child in need for 40 days; and you get a chance to win a cool, conversation-starting collection of water bottles from celeb homes for your mantelpiece.

Other celebs involved in the initiative include Rihanna and Robin Williams. For more information on the Tap Project, visit their official website.

Swift, who is currently on tour in Europe, is very dedicated to helping those in need. The singer recently donated a signed jersey to her friend's college swimming team in order to help raise funds for the team. Swift will return to the states in May for her 2011 Speak Now tour.