Taylor Swift partnered with Keds to design a line of tennis shoes and as part of the symbiotic relationship, the singer sat down for a series of interviews to discuss her personal style. In this clip, the fashionable superstar talked about the inspiration behind the costumes, aesthetic and styling for her majorly successful Red Tour. She even shared a few makeup tips and tricks.

"The way I kinda look at this tour, from the aesthetic point of view, from the way the visuals are, I really think that my last two tours, if I were to pick a place where they were to take place, like a world in which they were to exist, it would be a fantasy world where there are princesses and fairies and castles," Swift explained, contextualizing the past.

As for the present, she said, "If this tour existed in a place, it would exist in a city. It's a glammed up vision of what I would wear every day. Or a rocked out version of what I would wear out at night."

She points out how she has evolved the setting and styling for her signature song 'Love Story,' saying, "[It's] the song where I used to have people dressed as princes and princesses. Now they are dressed like couture broken toy dolls with keys sticking out the back of them."

Her favorite look of her show is the first -- those black high-waisted shorts, lace Oxford shirt, sparkly Oxford shoes and hat. That's a familiar uniform when she performs.

The '22' singer also revealed that she has to consider fashion, form and function when it comes to stage costumes. "I am not only looking for something that'll look cool in front of 20,000 people, but it's also about the functionality," she said, admitting she takes several factors into consideration. "Can I run around in this? Is this something that I can throw my hair around in?"

Swift also revealed a secret about her signature red lip look -- she prefers a long-lasting stain to a regular ol' stick. She also recommended techniques on how to achieve the perfectly angled cat eye look.