While Taylor Swift's beaus are often the subject of her confessional lyrics and even tabloid bait -- such as the demise of her very short relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal -- the ringleted singer is hardly sour on love! Swift’s new Valentine’s Day greeting card collection through American Greetings showcases the wonder of love, and is available now at American Greetings partner locations, Target and Walmart.

The collection is massive, with 43 cards in all. The greetings' sentiments range from declarations of love and romance to celebrations of friendship. The cards featured hand-crafted designs and boast ribbons, sparkly glitter and other elegant attachments that are meant to remind you of those innocent times you spent creating Valentine's in your youth for your first love or your best friend -- with just the right balance of elbow grease, scissors, construction paper and affection.

Swift's collection also includes oversized music cards with lyrics from her singles 'Love Story,' 'Stay Beautiful' and 'Jump Then Fall,' which are available at select outlets. The card's images are also meant to capture the feelings one experiences when in love or embarking on a new romance -- such as riding down a roller coaster to the hopefulness of kissing that frog and wishing for Prince Charming! In other words, they are adorable.

"This Valentine's Day, Taylor's cards are all about celebrating and speaking out about the love you feel. Whether it's your best friend or the person that gives you butterflies every time you hear their voice, these cards let you say exactly how you feel," Lindsay Kalback, a member of the Taylor Swift brand management team at American Greetings, said in a statement. "In addition to having the perfect words, we also love the look and feel of the handmade designs and plan on showcasing them in additional card lines for Taylor this year. We believe all greeting card enthusiasts will love them as much as we do."

If you prefer to go "green" with your greeting cards this Valentine's Day, well you have options, too. You can send Taylor Swift cards as e-cards by going here.