Almost as mind-boggling as Taylor Swift's annual income is the amount she generously gives away to a number of charities each year. The singer-songwriter most recently made a donation of 14,000 Scholastic books to the Nashville Public Library, one of the most sizable gifts the organization has ever received.

The Scholastic books will be spread out among NPL's 21 branches, each with a donation plate on the inside reading: "A Gift to the Children of Nashville from Taylor Swift and Scholastic Inc." Those books that are not put into circulation in the library will be gifted to children from low-income families, as well as preschools and daycare centers, where the books will be used as rewards for children succeeding in the summer reading programs.

A press release from the NPL reads: "Swift’s donation will help to provide incentive to encourage the love of reading and literature." And while this is a worthy cause, it's certainly not the only cause Swift has championed in the past years. Last year she teamed up with UNICEF's Tap Project, a philanthropy that has raised millions of dollars for the millions of people worldwide who don't have access to clean water in their homes.

Likewise, Swift used her 'Speak Now ... Help Now' rehearsal to raise more than $750,000 for the victims of the tornadoes that swept across and devastated parts of the South last year. Always looking out for kids, she also donated $150,000 to one of the Alabama school districts ravaged by the tornadoes last year. And just this past October, she made a donation of 6,000 books to the Reading, Pa. Public Library, just miles outside of her Wyomissing, Pa. hometown. So, while it likely came as no surprise to Nashville that Swift gave so many books to the library, it still comes as a much welcomed and needed gift.

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