We’re not going to lie; Peter Weber didn’t end Wednesday’s episode of The Bachelor looking too good. Before we dive into what we mean by that, let’s divulge how everything first started off in Santiago, Chile.

In Chile, we learn Peter is fluent in Spanish (muy caliente)! The biggest thing Peter made clear only five minutes in, he was ready to heat things up in the romance department during this episode.


Hannah Ann was first up with her playful one-on-one date exploring the city with Peter. Fun fact, did you know she’s from Knoxville, Tenn.? Keep an eye out for her at your local coffee shop!

Peter was clearly smitten with her, but couldn't get over the fact that she’s only 23. He’s more concerned that she’s never been in love. Not sure Peter read the girls' bios, but most of his ladies are on the younger side.

Hannah let him know that she’s mature enough to handle a deep relationship. However, let’s just take a moment to look at the metaphor she used. “So many people stay like in the shallow waters of life. You’ll only catch minnows in the shallow, and for me I’m like let's so deep,” Hannah said. Not sure if you’ll see that quote on Pinterest (A for effort though).

Ultimately Peter trusted her and gave her the date rose.


With Peter all about passion in a relationship, he thought it would be a great idea to play in a telenovela for the group date. Mykenna, who prior to this date was emotional over not having time with Peter, finally stopped crying and made out with Peter during her role as the telenovela housekeeper.

We know though that drama doesn’t stay away for long, and the rest of the group date Tammy spent letting Mykenna know she thought she wasn’t there for the right reasons [cue Mykenna crying again].


Unfortunately, drama between the women can spill over into their relationship with Peter. With the whole Alayah and Victoria P. drama, Peter let Victoria know it put a damper and distraction on his relationship with her. Though she was confident in their relationship, he ultimately didn’t see her as his wife and sent her home before the rose ceremony.

We think she’ll be a front runner to join this season of Bachelor in Paradise.


After sifting through Twitter, it’s clear Madison Prewitt is the current favorite. It’s also obvious that Peter becomes very giddy when around her. During the end of the group date, he pulled her aside to read her his own telenovela he wrote for her. Of course, it involved them ultimately kissing (kind of cheesy, but we see you crafty Peter! Well done).


Poor Victoria’s last date ended up being with her ex, Chase Rice. As predicted, she was hesitant going into her one-on-one. Peter affirmed that he was excited for her to be there, and they ended up spending time in a quaint village riding horses.

However, during dinner, Peter became frustrated that as he tried to get to know her, she put walls up. She was aware of this, but unable to communicate her feelings. She became sick to her stomach, disappeared to the bathroom, and could be heard talking to producers. She told them she didn’t know why she was pushing him away and didn't know how to articulate how she felt.

Apprehensive as to where she’s at, Peter still took a leap of faith and gave her the date rose.


Before the rose ceremony, Peter threw a curveball with an additional date card, this time with Mykenna and Tammy’s names on it. Peacekeeper Peter was determined to get down to all the drama swirling around them (not a job we’d want).

It ended with Peter sending Tammy home and letting Mykenna know he trusted her.


Here’s who went home this episode: Sydney Hightower, Victoria Paul, Mykenna Dorn, and Tammy Ly.


Though Peter kept Mykenna after saying bye to Tammy, he still sent her home in the end. Mykenna was hurt that he didn’t just send her home an hour ago if he was ultimately going to send her home later that night. This looked like he just strung her along. Not Peter’s best moment, that’s for sure.

Normally after the next episode, those will be the women who head to the hometown dates! Here’s who we predict to make it to the hometown date: Kelsey Weier, Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett and Victoria Fuller.

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