The Cadillac Three's new single "Dang If We Didn't" may be quieter than you're used to, but it's no less rowdy than what they've released previously. Pants on the ceiling fan, 'quila and a bad hangover — yep, it's Jaren Johnston and company doing what they do best.

Once again the trio turn brute concepts into something worth marveling. Just because you're singing about being drunk and loud doesn't mean you need to be dumb and loud. TC3 spit one clever lyric after another, phrasing things in ways that make you do a double-take. It's all done in a way that's barely noticeable if simply being loud is what you're chasing.

Kelby Ray's shuffle powers the country drinking song, but there's plenty of crunchy guitars to make a three-part rocker feel full. You don't need to hear the lyrics to get the woozy message of this song. The parts of "Dang If We Didn't" work in unison like every great song should.

Did You Know?: The Cadillac Three's new Legacy album drops Aug. 25. The trio say it's not quite as loud and rocking as their debut album.

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The Cadillac Three's "Dang If We Didn't" Lyrics:

Pair of Levi’s on a ceilin’ fan, spinnin’ / Like my head one boot on, a beer in the other / That what the hell settin’ in / Gone and dang done it again / Pack of Reds by the bed / And we don’t even smoke.

Dang if we didn’t get drunk last night / What was so wrong, we had to make it so right / Whiskey, ‘quila, rum, and some cold Bud Light / Dang if we didn’t get drunk last night.

I remember my baby dancin’ that was the beginning / Of the end of a nice quiet night at the house / Called some friends, called a cab / Got a table, got a tab / We were shootin’ shots, shootin’ the bull / Shootin’ pool, it’s all comin’ back now.

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