The Cadillac Three frontman Jaren Johnston recently welcomed his first child, and he offered up some insights for new parents when the trio stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio to talk about their new album, Legacy.

Johnston and his wife Evyn Mustoe welcomed their son, Jude Daniel Johnston, on March 30. The singer and songwriter says the biggest tip he's learned is to "sleep when the baby sleeps ... like the moment the baby goes to sleep, go to sleep, because it doesn't last long, and you can't sleep when he wakes up."

Johnston says Jude is currently sleeping between "16 and 18 hours a day, on and off, like every two hours." That, in turn, has disrupted the couple's sleep patterns completely. "We didn't sleep much before, [but] now there's really no sleep," he adds.

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The Cadillac Three have been on the road extensively in 2017, including some dates overseas. They tell ToC Nights that one of their favorite things about Europe is eating Indian food, but Johnston cautions that you have to be careful about eating something way too spicy if you're traveling.

"The way you travel over there, it can get weird if things get weird" with your digestion, he says with a laugh. "You've gotta watch your stomach and think ahead about 12 hours!"

The Cadillac Three are set to release their third studio album, Legacy, on Friday (Aug. 25). The album's lead single, "Dang If We Didn't," is currently at country radio.

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