The Secret Sisters take you back in time with the charmingly retro, jumpy-film look of their new video, 'Tennessee Me.' The song is the lead track from the real-life sisters' self-titled debut album.

Have you ever watched your grandpa's old home movies? You know, where they didn't have at-home computer software to make seamless edits or fades; in fact, it looks like the people don't know exactly where the camera is? That's the kind of washed-out color, jumpy effect the sisters achieve here. There's no story being told -- the whole thing is more like a time-travel video postcard showing the band in various poses inside an elegant but rundown old house.

The sisters definitely prefer to do things the old way, and judging by the heavenly way they harmonize together on 'Tennessee Me.' Laura and Lydia Rogers don't need any modern tricks. They recorded their entire album on '50s-era vintage analog equipment. Reportedly, Laura had never even been on an airplane before flying out to L.A. to meet with record companies.

If they're not already, the Secret Sisters are going to have to get more used to modern travel pretty quickly. The duo are currently opening for Amos Lee, and this summer they'll see the country as the support act for Ray LaMontagne.

Watch the Secret Sisters' 'Tennessee Me' video

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