The Voice contestant Jesse Larson debuted an original song, written by Chris Stapleton, during part one of the Season 12 finale on Monday (May 22). The song, titled "Woman," was co-penned by Stapleton and Timothy James.

While in the studio with coach Adam Levine, Larson said it was an "honor" to sing a song written by the breakthrough country star. He thinks of his wife as he sings it, as the couple are expecting their first child. Both he and his coach commended Stapleton's talent, noting that they've pulled from his artistry a lot this season.

Larson once again rocked out on guitar on a simple set that had him on an elevated stage, bringing the energy down a notch during a night of mostly upbeat numbers with the sultry, yet mellow track. He really came alive at the end of the song when he nailed his guitar solo and accompanying high notes, with his coaching Levine validating the performance by standing in support.

"I think that this guy embodies what The Voice should be about and I'm telling you guys, this is the man," his coach raved after the performance. Larson also tackled a Stapleton song during the Top 4 performances when he took the stage with "I Was Wrong" before singing the hit "Tennessee Whiskey" during the instant save.

Larson finds out if he wins it all this season when The Voice winner is announced on Tuesday (May 23). Stapleton will actually be on hand to perform during the finale results show, along with Little Big TownRascal Flatts and more.

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