On tonight's (Nov. 12) performance episode of 'The Voice,' Blake Shelton's remaining team members performed as we inch closer to the semi-finals. He doesn't have anymore country horses in the race, but he is treating his final trio of contestants like his own kids.

Shelton's team at this late stage of the game is diverse. He has a pop punk girl, a pop rock girl and a rock dude. Each has their own charm and healthy chance of winning. So who's our money on? Well read our recap and find out.

Michaela Paige:

The 16-year-old web radio host sang Pink's 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss),' which her coach noted would be difficult and that even its original singer probably has to take a breath when she sees it on her set list. Paige struggled -mightly- with her breath during the performance, even though the song's sentiment fit her pop-punk style. There were parts of her performance where she was barely audible, since her voice cut out. This was not her best performance by a long shot, and while we love that her coach adores her, she seems the most in danger of losing her position as a member of Team Blake.

Cassadee Pope:

The pop rocker with an edge admitted that she had hoped her appearance on the show would inspire her father to reach out to her, since they have an estranged and strained relationship. That's why she chose to belt Kelly Clarkson's 'Behind These Hazel Eyes.' She rocked it, and even knuckled down on her guitar. She was all heart during her performance, likely due to her admission of her daddy issues, which fueled her performance. Her coach said that the reason that she just "works" as a competitor on the show is because there is something so undefined about her, meaning she can cross over into any genre. "You have that special thing that one in a 100 million people have, and people love you, and I'm one of 'em," Shelton gushed. Aw! Pope is certainly the stronger of the two females remaining on Team Blake.

Terry McDermott:

The Scottish rocker with the pipes of gold performed the classic rock jam 'More Than a Feeling' by Boston. He closed out the show with a stadium-sized performance, and the crowd was feeling it. It was like we were at a Terry McDermott concert. Adam Levine said, "I don't know if you realize how good Terry is. Holy crap, I can't even talk, you are so good." Shelton congratulated his team member, to which McDermott replied, "Thank you, boss." They clearly respect one another. Shelton said, "We understand how special you are as an artist. You stay the course and make no apologies for it. You own it every time. Ladies and gentlemen, please say 'Hi' to rock music." That was surely a vote of confidence for McDermott. He is neck and neck with Pope in the strength department. Something tells us one of those two will represent Shelton in finals.

After tonight's Team Blake performances, it's clear that American 'The Voice' viewers have quite a tough choice to make. Pope and McDermott do seem to be the strongest contenders on Team Blake. Tune in tomorrow (Nov. 13) to see who stays and who goes.

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