On tonight's (Nov. 8) episode of 'The Voice,' Blake Shelton sent one of his team members home, and so did America. So with two members gone, his team is down to its final three. So who stayed and who left?

The first person saved by American voters on Team Blake was Scottish rocker Terry McDermott. No surprise there, since he has such a unique style and mass appeal. Pop-rock singer Cassadee Pope was also upstreamed to the next round by America. They are two of Team Blake's strongest performers, and that's why viewers connected with them.

Shelton was left the choose between mariachi singer Julio Cesar Castillo, country diva Liz Davis and pop punker Michaela Paige.

Before revealing his choice, Shelton congratulated McDermott and Pope on being able to win over America. Then he spoke lovingly of his remaining three, saying they did everything he has asked them to do, and he could not be any prouder of 'em.

"I don't know what the percentages are, but I think any of you could go on to win this thing. Where my heart is and which one of you...," he stammered. "I gotta go with my heart and my emotion and I've gotta pick Michaela."

We were sort of surprised, since he spoke about following his heart, and we expected him to go with country singer Davis, as that's the genre where his heart lies. But he decided to give the young, mohawked Michaela another chance. It was a risky move for Shelton, but we think it could pay off with rich dividends.

So for the next round, Shelton's team is represented by McDermott, the rocker; Pope, a pop rocker who left band life to be a solo star; and Paige, a spunky, punky teen with a set of pipes.

While Shelton no longer has a country singer in the ranks - and neither does the show- we think he can really make a run for it and be the show's winning coach for the second season in a row.

Tune in Monday (Nov. 12) to watch the next batch of performances.