Hard to believe Thomas Rhett has ever lost a girl — he married his longtime best friend — but in his "Crash and Burn" video, that's exactly what happens.

Girls fawn over Rhett night after night, especially now that he's a huge up-and-coming country star. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes. But he can't seem to impress the one woman he has his eye on in "Crash and Burn" — in fact, she even leaves him along in his car on a Nashville bridge, exclaiming that she's done. What's a heartbroken boy to do? Turn up his convertible radio to "Crash and Burn," naturally.

With the Music City skyline in the back, Rhett, wearing what looks like a letterman's jacket, drives off, but it isn't long before he lets his cherry red car drive itself as he pops out to dance and sing alongside it.

“It was cool to shoot this video at some of my old stomping grounds from college,” the singer explains. "I think any guy can relate to the scenes in this video ... we've all been in this guy's shoes trying to do whatever it takes to win back a girl!"

Eventually the beautiful Southern afternoon turns into a rainy night, and Rhett leaves his convertible to grab a boombox (with his single on tape, of course) to try and win back his former flame. He grabs the speakers and blares the song above his head until the object of his affection comes out on her balcony. It's a scene that would make John Cusack proud.

Watch the full video for "Crash and Burn" above to find out if Rhett's lover takes him back or just keeps walking.

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