Thomas Rhett's dance moves have some wondering if he'd consider becoming country music's next Dancing With the Stars contestant. The "Die a Happy Man" singer says he and wife Lauren have talked about it, but the reason he's taking dance lessons has more to do with his 2016 touring plans.

Rhett admits he took a few lessons, with a purpose. "Just working with a couple choreographers a little bit on how to work in front of a camera," the singer says in the above video. "Just more stage movement than learning how to do the moonwalk or something.”

The songs on Tangled Up demand it. In crafting this funky album of beat-driven country-rock songs, he understands that he's put a big spotlight on his and his band's performance. It needs to be a true "show" now.

“No longer are we the three-piece rock band with no lights and it doesn’t matter if I don’t sing well that day because you’re playing at 11:30 in the morning at a festival where you’re strictly playing for white chairs," Rhett says. "This is a whole different level.”

That means choreography, tons of rehearsals, strategic setlists and learning how to "play funky." When he hits the road with a major country superstar next year (that announcement is still to come), he wants to bring more than just his catalog.

“Next year we want to have a show that’s full of moments that you leave going, ‘Yeah the songs were great and I loved all those songs, but can you believe he … (fill in the blank).’”

So, what about ABC's celebrity competition show? Previously Rhett said he'd do it if asked, but he's still hesitant here.

"I don't think I would," he tells Taste of Country. “Me and my wife have talked about it actually ... I’m like, ‘I’m not sure I could lean some chick back while you’re over there and feel good about that.’”

Go ahead and say, "Aww!!" We'll wait.

Tangled Up drops on Sept. 25.

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