Thomas Rhett's daughter, Willa Gray, may win the prize for the Cutest Kid Ever to Dress as a Jellyfish Mermaid Princess — uh, if there is such a thing, that is.

Rhett's wife, Lauren Akins, turned to Instagram on Friday (May 25) to share a video of a fun mother-daughter excursion to the local aquarium. She started shooting video as they were leaving, and they're standing by what appears to be the gift shop as she calls to her daughter off-camera, saying, "Come over here, baby."

She and another woman off camera begin to giggle as Willa makes her grand entrance, emerging from the gift shop dressed in an adorable long, flowing mermaid costume that is topped off with a giant silver fish head, complete with long jellyfish-like tendrils that trail down her sides. The moment is even more hilarious for the fact that she is innocently straight-faced as she strides confidently toward her mom.

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"She's struttin' it, too!" the other woman remarks off camera as they both begin to laugh harder. Little Willa shows off her ensemble like a runway model, even giving a little twirl for extra effect, and she's even cuter as she stumbles briefly over her long, trailing mermaid gown, letting out a tiny, "Uh oh!' as she recovers. Take a look at the adorable moment in the video above.

Akins recently celebrated one year of motherhood with a sweet social media post. May 12 marked one year to the day that she and Rhett brought Willa home from her native Uganda after a difficult year-long adoption process, and they've been sharing personal glimpses into their family life ever since.

Ironically, after wanting to be parents for a long time, Rhett and Akins found out that she was pregnant when they were well into the adoption process. They became parents for the second time in August 2017, when they welcomed daughter Ada James.

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