Thomas Rhett has his fair share of fun-loving, upbeat country tunes, but his latest single shows his sweeter side. Rhett has released the video for "Die a Happy Man," and both his wife and his dog make their cameos in the beautiful visual.

"Die a Happy Man" is a gorgeous love song co-written by Rhett, Sean Douglas and Joe Spargur. It's the true tale of Rhett's relationship with his beautiful wife, Lauren, and the special love story they share. The sexy song is the second single from Rhett's album, Tangled Up, following behind "Crash and Burn," the funky breakup tale.

The video begins with the beautiful Hawaiian sky, where the couple shot the video, as Rhett walks into the screen carrying his acoustic guitar. The couple share a bottle of wine, dance to music on the radio and Rhett serenades his wife in the visual, bringing the lyrics to life. "Baby last night was hands down / One of the best nights / That I’ve had, no doubt / Between the bottle of wine and the look in your eye and the Marvin Gaye / Then we danced in the dark under September stars and the pouring rain / And I know that I can’t ever tell you enough / That all I need in this life is your crazy love,” the song begins.

It's clear just from the video that Lauren and Thomas really do have a special relationship full of laughs, smiles, love and a few bottles of beer. We can imagine their date nights being similar to the Hawaiian video.

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