Did you happen to stay up late on Wednesday night (Dec. 11)? Then you may have noticed Thomas Rhett performing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The singer delivered a charming rendition of the latest song off his newest album, Center Point Road, "Notice."

"Notice" is a sweet song that will ring a chord with anyone who has been a bit stressed or overwhelmed with day-tp-day life, resulting in perhaps not appreciating one's partner openly as much as could be desired.

Rhett, who co-wrote the song, captures this sentiment nicely, with the lyrics discussing how even though he may seem preoccupied, he still notices all the little things that are charming about his sweetheart—such as when she brushes hair out of her green eyes, flushes when she drinks wine, and dances like she's the only one in the room.

Dressed casually and slinging a mint-green guitar, Rhett gave the studio audience a warm performance of the song, finished off with a big smile and a hug from Colbert.

Rhett followed up this televised performance by letting fans know the very next morning he's getting ready to embark on a major tour in spring of 2020. Cole Swindell and Hardy will join him on the road for the Center Point Road Tour, which is named after the album, which was released in May of 2019.

Rhett has scored hits with the album's lead single, "Look What God Gave Her," and his current single, "Remember You Young."

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