Thomas Rhett's "Star of the Show" is an unapologetic love letter to his wife, Lauren. On this new song from the deluxe edition of Tangled Up (Oct. 28), Rhett once again plays a fool lucky in love.

It's charming, sensual and romantic — the kind of song you reach for on a Friday night when the kids are sleeping and there's a bottle of red wine begging to be opened and emptied. The guitar licks and Rhett's bashful delivery stay true to songs on his latest album, especially "Die a Happy Man." In some sense, "Star of the Show" is a prequel to that career hit.

One can't blame Rhett for returning to a topic he's scored big with before, and "Star of the Show" is different enough to hold off critics. He, Rhett Akins and Ben Hayslip paint vivid, relatable pictures of a lover unaware of the grip she holds on any room she walks into. We want to know this girl and the singer after just one listen. The song pulls you in and moves you to go find the equivalent.

Did You Know?: Rhett wrote "Star of the Show" shortly after he got married. It's about his wife, Lauren, and it's been an off-and-on part of his live show for years.

Listen to Thomas Rhett, "Star of the Show" 

Thomas Rhett Says "Star of the Show" Is About His Wife

Thomas Rhett's "Star of the Show" Lyrics:

"Walking down the street, hand in mine / It don’t keep them other guys, and their wandering eyes are looking at you / It’s alright, that’s OK / Who could blame ‘em anyway / you’re so pretty and you ain’t even got a clue."

"Everywhere we go girl you’re the star of the show / Everybody’s wondering and wanting to know / What’s your name, who’s that girl with the prettiest smile in the world / But what gets me the most is you don’t even know / That you are, you are, you are the star of the show / The star of the show baby."

"Friday night, on the night / We walk in and you draw a crowd / Even the band seems to sing for you / Ease on up, order a drink / The barkeep says it’s all on me / You look at me and laugh like you don’t know what to do / Baby you’re so cute."

"Even in a ponytail and a pair of jeans / You’re looking like the cover of a magazine / Baby you’re the only one who doesn’t see …"

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