Thomas Rhett's sophomore album, Tangled Up, is mere months away from release, and the singer has unveiled the official album cover, as chosen by fans.

Recently, Rhett posted a photo collage to his Instagram showing four possible album covers for the album, which is set for distribution on Sept. 25. Fans then flocked to the rising star's official website to placed their votes. The options were all fairly similar — Rhett in a white T-shirt and ripped jeans in different poses, with the album name either printed along the top or on his shirt — but this one stuck out for his most loyal followers. The winner shows Rhett standing up, his shirt torn and his hand tucked in his pocket, with the album title in a sketched blue font above him.

“My fans have always been the driving force behind everything I do,” Rhett explains of the unique opportunity for fans to get involved. “I’m always looking for ways to stay plugged into what they like, so having them involved in the decision-making process makes this record even more cool for me.”

Rhett's first single from his sophomore attempt is already climbing the charts. In fact, "Crash and Burn" is his fastest rising single to date — it is currently in the Top 15. The singer says fans can definitely expect Tangled Up to be country, but it's also got a lot of different flavors in there (he compares it to a Picasso painting). Rhett revealed previously: “There’s a lot of songs on the next record that make you wanna break it down and dance."

Better shine those boots.

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