Thomas Rhett has not one, but two kids on the way, but that doesn't mean he feels completely prepared to be a dad. Taste of Country talked to Rhett in Las Vegas prior to the 2017 ACM Awards, and he admitted to being "terrified" over one thing about becoming a father.

Rhett and his wife Lauren announced in February that they are expecting their first child, and they are also adopting another child from Africa. They have confirmed that the biological child they are expecting is a girl, and the couple have been busy getting ready for big changes at home even as Rhett tours and preps the release of his third studio album.

"One thing I can't wait for is to see what they're interested in," he says. "Are they gonna like music, or are they gonna resent it because that's my job? And one thing I'm terrified about is, I'm already so busy ... how in the world am I gonna balance the career and kids? And I think the answer is, it's impossible. So, lots of Red Bull. Dierks [Bentley] said lots of Red Bull."

Rhett isn't letting his concerns over balancing family and work dampen his enthusiasm.

"I'm just pumped," he shares. "I've always wanted to be a dad, and now it's coming in twos."

Rhett recently released the first single from his upcoming album, "Craving You," which features Maren Morris. The pair are set to perform that song on the ACM Awards broadcast Sunday night (April 2), and both are also multiple nominees.

Rhett's father, songwriter Rhett Akins, will also appear on his upcoming album, and he says his family changes had an impact on the writing process.

"There's a couple of songs that I've written that made the record that talk about us, for sure, and the adoption process, and then the record was done by the time we found out we were pregnant," Rhett says with a laugh, adding, "Maybe record four will be a lot about my little kids."

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