Thomas Rhett says if his wife doesn't like a song, it's doubtful it will make the album. That's been an issue in the past, but on Tangled Up, all 13 songs are 100 percent Lauren-approved.

The 25-year-old especially loves "Die a Happy Man." The tender ballad is about her and the "Crash & Burn" singer's romance. Rhett tells Taste of Country that she'd been asking for this sort of love song for years, and watching her listen to it for the first time was very rewarding.

“I've written love songs but never to the extent of that personal,” he says of a track co-written by Sean Douglas and Joe Spargur. “We strictly wrote that song about me and my wife’s relationship.”

“I just think this song shows how me and Lauren love each other, and I hope this song is an encouragement to other married couples or people that are dating," Rhett furthers.

A video for the song was filmed during a recent trip to Hawaii. It's expected to be the second single from Tangled Up, Rhett's second studio album, available Sept. 25. The new project brings a lot of funk in addition to quite a few tender moments. It's an eclectic album, but every song received Lauren's stamp of approval.

“If she doesn’t think something is cool, I have to like really think it’s cool to still do it," Rhett says, smiling. She really thought the sexy "Die a Happy Man" was cool.

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