Thompson Square are set to release their third single, 'I Got You,' from their self-titled debut album on Stoney Creek Records. The new tune is a song the duo co-wrote alongside Jason Sellers and Paul Jenkins, the same co-writers responsible for the Jason Aldean smash 'Don't You Wanna Stay.'

'I Got You' is a fun, uptempo track about how one thing needs another in order to work -- including the guy and girl in the song.

"A car's got gasoline to run down the road / A crop's got rain, dirt and sun, to make 'em grow / A song's got rhyme, a clock's got time / You got me and baby, I got you," the duo sings in the opening verse.

The song oozes with summer love as they sing in the chorus:

"I got you / Yeah you're it / The missing piece that makes me fit / I got you / The breath I breathe / And there ain't nothing else I need / Baby I got you / Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah."

Look for 'I Got You' to impact country radio on May 9.

Listen to Thompson Square, 'I Got You'