Who knew Thompson Square could paint?

The husband-and-wife duo of Keifer and Shawna Thompson already created their Masterpiece album (to be released June 1), but they also complimented their musical creation with some art on canvas in Nashville Wednesday (May 23).

With on-the-spot lessons from Sips n Strokes instructor Sydney, Thompson Square joined a small group of patrons for a Masterpiece listening party and evening of painting. The duo, along with the others in attendance, created their own works of art while jamming to released and unreleased tracks from the forthcoming 11-track album.

It's Thompson Square's first independent release since launching their major label eponymous debut in 2011, and the duo seemed to ooze a new sense of freedom at the event—looking forward to having creative control over not only their paintings, but their future music career.

"Our third record – Masterpiece – is probably the most liberating, exciting, scary, fun, creative, transparent record that we've ever done," Keifer Thompson tells Taste of Country. "We picked the songs. We handpicked everything. We wrote nine of the 11 songs and it's the most personal thing we've ever done. ... Live and die by our own sword and we did this for our fans and for us.

"It's just been an amazing and liberating experience to be able to create music again. It's been so long. We've been starved so long to do a record, so we're ecstatic about it."

Thompson Square's last album was 2013's Just Feels Good, but 2018 has already seen them digitally release five songs from their forthcoming album: "Masterpiece" (now being played on SiriusXM), "A Love Like This," "Millionaires," "Up in Smoke" and "Let's Do Something Stupid." Fans will get the rest of the album on June 1.

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