Ladies, did your knees buckle yet? Tim McGraw tweeted a photo of himself, shirtless and showing off his sculpted chest, ripped abs and rock hard arms. At 45, McGraw puts men half his age to shame with that physique.

McGraw shared a shot of himself wearing running shorts and a doo-rag while holding a shoe, with the caption: "This is a shoe that can really make a man feel inadequate!"

Well, Mr. McGraw, when any of your male fans view this photo, or when they stumble upon this photo because their girlfriends, wives or significant others are drooling over it, they will indeed share that sentiment, thinking that this is a photo that can make a man feel inadequate.

McGraw should carry on with whatever exercises regimens, routines and reps that he employs, simply because it's working wonders. While he certainly looks good, being in such terrific shape no doubt helps him maintain endurance for performing every night during his current Brothers of the Sun tour with Kenny Chesney.

In fact, Chesney recently admitted that McGraw has been trying to knock him off his dietary routine by sending him deliciously tempting treats like red velvet cake. Chesney joked that McGraw is doing so to ensure that he remains skinnier than his tourmate.

Looks like McGraw and Chesney are a close one and two in the physique department.


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