It may be February, but it's hot on the set of 'The Ellen DeGeneres' show. Ladies-favorite singer Tim McGraw, who is releasing his Big Machine debut 'Two Lanes of Freedom' today (Feb. 5), revealed that he went commando for his appearance on the talk show. Oh my!

The TV host always gifts her male guests with Ellen-branded undies, and she has given McGraw a pair every time he's visited the show. The singer admitted that he has only retained a single pair, so she supplied him with several more so he always has his Ellen drawers, which he says will wear with "pride and honor."

But as it turns out, DeGeneres was a little too late with providing the 'Truck Yeah' singer with new briefs. When asked whether he was wearing his Ellen undies at present moment, McGraw revealed he wasn't wearing any ... at all. No Fruit of the Looms, no Hanes, no boxers. No nothing.

"These pants are too tight to put underwear on," McGraw admitted to the host. So there you have it, ladies. Tim McGraw goes commando, and on national TV, to boot. He's a brave soul, isn't he?

He finished, "Now I've really embarrassed my daughters. What was I supposed to say?!"

You lie and say you are wearing your Ellen underwear, Tim!

The singer got serious for a minute to further talk about his decision to get sober, saying, "I think it's a personal choice -- when it gets to the point where you think it's affecting you adversely and it's affecting your relationships, it's time to make a change, and I thought it was." He says he wanted to have "good, solid ground to stand on when I started talking to them about their situations" when it came to being a dad to his three daughters. Smart choice!