Lawyers for Tim McGraw's first Nashville record label are seeking documents from Big Machine Records, the label the 'Truck Yeah' singer signed with in May. The Tennessean reports that Curb Records is looking into when conversations between Big Machine and McGraw began.

"If Big Machine came to Tim while he was under contract with Curb and convinced him to end his relationship, Curb is going to hold Big Machine liable,” Paul Allen, an associate professor of Music Business at Middle Tennessee State University, told the Tennessean. Previously, Curb has stated it believes McGraw is still a Curb artist and Big Machine had no right to sign him. They're seeking to overturn a late 2011 ruling that freed McGraw from his contract.

The next move will come on Aug. 17, when lawyers from all parties will be in court to argue over which documents -- if any -- Big Machine has to provide Curb. They are seeking McGraw's new contract with Big Machine and Universal Music Group, emails, marketing materials and much more. An attorney for Big Machine called it a "fishing expedition."

“Curb, having lost in its effort to stop McGraw from making music, now sees the ability to use the power of this Court to gain access to the inner-most workings and financial documents of a primary competitor,” John Day said, according to the Tennessean.

Since McGraw signed with Big Machine, both Curb and Big Machine have released new singles in 'Right Back Atcha Babe' and 'Truck Yeah,' respectively. 'Truck Yeah' is currently a Top 20 hit, while 'Right Back Atcha Babe' enjoyed only a short life on the charts.