Tim McGraw's 'Meanwhile Back at Mama's' (featuring his wife and fellow country star Faith Hill) was a hit before it even debuted at the 2014 ACMs, simply because the couple is so highly revered within country music. In the music video, their public and private lives are juxtaposed, showing the glitzy and glamorous collocated with their low-key home life.

McGraw and his wife are shown at their family farm just outside of Nashville, doing decidedly non-glamorous things like rolling out dough and taking walks in the breathtaking sunlight, dressed casually in jeans.

Contrasting clips of the couple performing onstage at the ACMs are interspersed throughout the 'Meanwhile Back at Mama's' video. In those shots, Hill is gorgeous in a sparkly silver dress, and her husband is utterly dashing, sporting a fitted black tux and crisp black cowboy hat. Earlier in the shoot, McGraw's boots and hat he wore onstage are shown in their home, providing quite a bit of contrast between the stage and the hardwood floors of their bedroom.

It's refreshing to see these two different scenarios -- the superstar country couple's spotlight-driven public life and their intimate private life, showing fans that underneath it all, McGraw and Hill simply like to enjoy life together.

The music video begins and ends with a shot of their home's plaque, hanging on a beautiful reclaimed barnwood wall. It reads simply: 'The McGraw Family, established 1996.' In spite of their fame, the couple is simply 'the McGraws.'

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