When you've been married as long as country's first couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill  -- they'll hit 16 years of wedded bliss in October -- it's not unheard of to try and find new and exciting ways to keep the flame of romance stoked and smoldering. Turns out McGraw keeps things thrilling by surprising his wife at the strangest times, like right smack dab in the middle of a concert that wasn't their own.

When talking about their relationship to Us Magazine, the 'Truck Yeah' singer said, "We sound boring, but we like to hang out and be together. We go to a few cool things on our anniversary."

Hill elaborated, explaining, "We went to see Rod Stewart one year when he came through Nashville. I remember he was going into his encore and he was just about to sing 'Hot Legs,' and you pulled me out of the seat. I was like, 'What are you doing? I have to see Rod Stewart sing 'Hot Legs.'"

Her hubby then blindfolded her and put her in a car (Don't worry, this PG-rated) and, she says, "We went to the airport and got a plane."

And they were gone!

Hill admits she was able to get over not seeing 'Hot Legs,' saying, "I forgave you once we got to where we were going. That was good, but it had to be good because I wouldn't have forgiven you having missed that song."

Where did he whisk her away to? Paris? Rome? London? Hawaii?

Nope -- Key West, Fla.!

"It wasn't that great," McGraw joked, later saying, "We find our fun."

Unfortunately, though it rained while they were there, something tells us that doing a whole lot of 'nothing' with Tim McGraw would still be a good time.