Five of the most promising female singer-songwriters in Nashville today came together to pay tribute to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill at a recent #LetTheGirlsPlay performance.

Mae Estes, Krysta Nick, Kalie Shorr, Tristan McIntosh and Cheyenne Goss made up the bill for the lineup at the Listening Room on May 15, playing their original songs and coming together at the end of the night for a cover of the superstar couple's "Speak to a Girl."

The Song Suffragettes formed in Nashville to help combat some of the unique uphill challenges female songwriters and performers were facing in country music. The weekly showcase celebrates five of the most up-and-coming females in Music City in a rotating roster that affords them the opportunity to showcase their original songs before joining together at the end of the night for a group cover.

Suffragettes mainstay Shorr leads the cover with her simple acoustic guitar and voice, but all of the singers get a chance to shine before they bring the track to an end.

"Speak to a Girl" is a song about respecting women that is the first we've heard of a new joint album McGraw and Hill will release later in 2017.  The country couple are currently on the road for their 2017 Soul2Soul Tour, which marks the first time Hill has toured in a decade.

Taste of Country has always been an avid supporter women in country music, and each week you'll find a new cover, as well as a featured artist every month. Our most recent featured artist is Lainey Wilson.

Kalie Shorr was a Song Suffragettes regular before she scored with "Fight Like a Girl" on SiriusXM, and Taste of Country recently chose her as one of our RISERS for 2017. Take a look at her exclusive performance of "Nothin' New" below.

Kalie Shorr Performs "Nothin' New" for RISERS

Kalie Shorr On Set at the 2017 RISERS Shoot

Kalie Shorr Opens Up About Obstacles That Led to "Fight Like a Girl"

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