Tim McGraw recently spoke about 'Me and Tennessee,' his duet with Gwyneth Paltrow from their film 'Country Strong,' and the ever-humble McGraw admitted that keeping up with Paltrow was his biggest challenge in relation to the song.

Initially, McGraw was reluctant to perform on a song for the film at all. "When they asked if I would sing a song in the movie, I told them I would for the end credits, since I thought it's where that song belonged and thought that would be the only time it would be appropriate to hear my voice," he explained.

But the heartfelt heft of the song, and Paltrow's abilities, quickly changed McGraw's mind. He continued, "It's such an emotional song, and such a moving song. Of course after hearing Gwyneth sing, I knew how well she would handle it. My only problem then was trying to keep up with her and sing good enough match up with her."

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