When The Band Perry heads out on the road in support of Tim McGraw soon, they're counting on the country legend to provide motivational peer pressure to help improve their admittedly lax exercise habits.

Reid Perry, one of the two brothers in the group, told CMT, "I do know that we have matching tracksuits for the Tim McGraw tour...unlike us, he exercises a bunch. So I think we'll be wearing out the track suits, going to the gym with him, playing basketball." He adds, "whereas, on the Blake Shelton tour, we're totally lazy. Just show up, eat. That's pretty much all we do."

Amidst all their success, Reid's sister, and band frontwoman Kimberly, reveals one slight downside:"I have to wear makeup all the time now! I didn't used to have to do that in airports." She continues, "they're always like, 'we don't want to bother you while you're eating your quesadilla.' And we're like, 'honey, we worked for ten years to get to take a picture while we're eating our quesadilla!' It's a new thing, but it's really cool."

The Band Perry's next gig will be at the Schermerhorn Symphont Center in Nashville on Saturday, March 5. They will perform their hit, 'If I Die Young' for the center's annual fundraiser, the Ballet Ball. While they sing, an original dance will be done by the full cast of 20 company dancers. Julianna Hough will be the events master of ceremonies. For more information, head to the ballet's official site.

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