It is graduation season for everyone from kindergarteners to college students, and Tim McGraw's current single "Humble and Kind" seems to be a re-occurring theme that keeps popping up in a variety of ceremonies.

During Red Rock Central High School's commencement, the senior choir members took a few moments to entertain those in attendance by performing a rendition of the mindful ballad.

The video was posted on Facebook by Cassidy Hansen. The choir's arrangement was vocally impressive for a group of young singers. Different parts were highlighted by different ranges, and resulted in a beautiful harmony that we're sure made the day even more special for the graduates, as well as gave them a message to take with them as they continue on to the next phase of their lives.

"Humble and Kind" has sparked a good deed revolution for McGraw as well as his fans. The singer has been encouraging unsolicited acts of kindness using the hashtag "#humbleandkind." McGraw recently posted a video highlighting different acts that people from coast to coast have been performing to promote the campaign for kindness.

"Humble and Kind" is the last track on McGraw's most recent project, Damn Country Music. It is a song that he has held very dear to him, though he did not write it himself. He even has a hard time getting through the song without shedding a tear.

"We spent thirty minutes on it and sure enough I cried through every take. I would try to pull myself together and I'd get halfway through it and I'd just start blubbering," McGraw says. "It certainly is a letter to your kids in a lot of ways. But it's certainly a song that I will learn from, just listening to the song and recording the song."

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