When Tim McGraw stopped by 'The Martha Stewart Show' this morning, we doubt that Stewart was expecting an invitation to join McGraw on his 'Emotional Traffic' tour. McGraw joined Martha Stewart for a cooking segment on her talk show, in which she showed McGraw two energizing recipes to get him ready for his 2011 tour, which will hit more than 50 cities nationwide.

At one point, Stewart said, "I could be the cook on your bus," to which McGraw ecstatically replied, "Come on! We’re inviting you right now." Stewart said, "That would be so much to see what it’s like. I was never one of those groupie girls." The country singer teased Stewart and replied, "Oh come on! Tell us the stories."

In the rest of the interview, Stewart and McGraw discussed his role in 'Country Strong,' which opens in theaters today, Jan. 7. Although Stewart was excited about McGraw's role as James Canter, she seemed surprised that he didn't sing a note in the movie. "I like that," McGraw said. "There was enough heavy lifting for me to do for my character. He’s a pretty complex, complicated guy, so I had enough to do without having to worry about singing." She also asked if Garrett Hedlund was already a country singer. "He’s not, but he could be now. It upset me a little bit," McGraw joked. "The saving grace is that he’s so ugly."

Stewart went on to discuss McGraw's family life and what it is like for him to live with four females -- his wife, Faith Hill, and their three daughters. "So far, so good. Well the 13-year-old, she’s a teenager now, so there’s difficult times to come I’m sure," McGraw said. "You know, the best thing that I can say, I love my daughters and it’s fantastic. You know, I grew up with my mom and two sisters, so I’m used to that. But for my three daughters to have the role model that they have with their mother, I couldn’t ask for anything better as a father. That’s a blessing."

After tasting the bowl of sweet potato soup that she and McGraw made, Stewart asked about his arduous touring schedule. "Well it’s gonna take a while," McGraw said. However, the country singer doesn't let touring get in the way on his family life. "We try to plan the tour around when the kids are out of school. But I’ll fly back and forth a lot," McGraw continued. "I don’t leave 'til three or four in the afternoon and I get home at one or two in the morning. So I get to be home quite a bit."

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