Country music superstar Tim McGraw thrilled a fan who is battling cancer by acknowledging her at his concert in Burgettstown, Penn. this past Saturday night (May 18). The photo showing the singer giving Shirlene Borsos a tender kiss on the head has since become a viral internet sensation.

Borsos was diagnosed with breast cancer seven months ago, Big Frog 104 reports. She often uses McGraw's music to help her through the difficult times, as chemotherapy has made her lose her hair. But when McGraw announced the nearby stop for his Two Lanes of Freedom Tour, she wasn't going to let that stop her from taking her teenage daughter to the show.

She became fast friends with fellow concertgoer Nicole Gailey while standing in line, observing that she was glad she didn't have hair because it was so hot. Gailey was struck by Borsos' positive attitude, and she took a picture of her with her daughter.

Later, as McGraw was singing his life-affirming hit 'Live Like You Were Dying,' Borsos pulled off her ball cap and when the singer spotted her, he blew her a kiss and waved her forward to the edge of the stage, where he bent down and planted a kiss on her head. Gailey had the presence of mind to capture the moment with her camera phone, and after it was posted online it went viral, resulting in an outpouring of support for the courageous fan.

"I really can’t believe any of it," Borsos tells the radio station. "All I did was show up for a concert." She says that receiving the kiss made her feel "amazing, strong, empowered," adding, "I love the fact this picture is getting all this attention. I want to use it as a platform to get the word out about awareness and early detection. It's just a horrible disease."

Gailey says she doesn't deserve any credit for the viral sensation. "I just snapped the picture and sent it to her later," she tells Big Frog 104. "But she said, ‘I just want to ask him, did that feel good on your lips?'”

Borsos has her own theory about the picture's popularity. "I think people want to see something good, and I think when people look at that picture, that’s what they see," she relates.

The pair of fans have become such fast friends that they are planning to attend an upcoming Zac Brown Band concert together.

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