The summer concert season is well underway, and the prank wars have just begun on Tim McGraw's Emotional Traffic Tour. McGraw released the following video on his YouTube channel this week. He's fired the first volley at opening act Luke Bryan's favorite ride.

Better graffiti artists haven't been seen since Bart Simpson's heyday. In the video, you can see that the team uses a basketful of Crayola colors to paint a surf scene and hearts on the fender and hood. The word 'Tim' is in bold print on one side, and 'Caroline' is printed on the other. Caroline is Bryan's wife's name, leaving one to wonder if she helped McGraw pull off the Ford Bronco's defacing.

"That better be temporary," Bryan shouts as he walks toward his truck. As he gets closer, he sticks a finger out and learns ... well, watch the video to see if Luke Bryan's truck is permanently girlie-fied.

This weekend, the tour runs through Portland, Ore. and Gorge, Wash. The final stop isn't until mid-August, so Bryan has plenty of time to plan revenge.

Watch Tim McGraw Graffiti Luke Bryan's Bronco