Tim McGraw continues to demonstrate his big-hearted generosity through big gifts. Really big gifts. On his 2013 Two Lanes of Freedom Tour, he will once again partner with Chase and Operation Homefront to give away more mortgage-free homes to military veterans and their families.

This is the second year McGraw has done Operation Homefront after successfully launching it last year, giving deserving military families an incredibly special gift. One time, he even memorably threw in a new puppy along with the house, which made every dream come true for a little girl.

The 'Highway Don't Care' singer will give one lucky family a mortgage-free home at each of his 31 stops on the Two Lanes of Freedom Tour.

“Launching our HomeFront program made last summer so much more special than I could have originally imagined. I can honestly say that I got as much -- or more -- out of the experience than the veterans who received the new homes and assistance,” McGraw reveals.

He continues, "These families made an incredible mark on me, and I’m more grateful than I’ve ever been for the sacrifices they make every day to serve our country. I’m just honored to be a part of this program, and I look forward to working with Chase and Operation Homefront to take it even further this summer.”

This amazing program also helps raise awareness about the issues facing veterans and their families, and helps them with the tough transition back into their civilian lives. McGraw's commitment to serving our troops in this manner is an inspiration and an honorable way to give back to those who sacrificially serve this great country.

The Two Lanes of Freedom Tour features Brantley Gilbert and Love and Theft as opening acts. See tour dates here.

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