"That was back in my drinking days," Tim McGraw says about past comments concerning a future in politics (quote via the Star Tribune). "Who knows? I feel like I've been very fortunate. If one of these days I'm in a position where I can give back and feel like I'm smart enough to help and not just doing it for the hell of doing it, then it would be something I'd consider. But certainly it would be after my kids are grown."

McGraw may have reconsidered his career as a politician after quitting drinking to set a good example for his daughters, but the superstar is moving full speed ahead on his recording career. Despite a recent court appeal that could potentially give his former label home, Curb Records, the rights over his next project, the 'Truck Yeah' singer believes he'll land on his feet -- no matter where the road may lead.

"The best is ahead of me," McGraw admits. "I'm only about 30 percent into my career. I'm just starting to figure out how to do what I do."

The first 30 percent of McGraw's career is rather impressive, considering his near 20-year career as a successful recording artist. Aside from his main gig as music superstar and the speculation about a future as a politician, McGraw has established himself as a formidable movie star, following the success of his past projects 'Country Strong' and 'The Blind Side.' The singer admits he hopes to continue his work on the big screen, but finding a quality role isn't as easy as it seems.

"The hardest thing is timing," the singer says about finding the perfect movie role. "You can read 50 scripts and not find anything that you like.”

McGraw adds, “It’s much like finding songs. You could listen to thousands of songs and find those magic things. For me, it all has to start with a script, of course. And if that’s not right, then nothing’s right," says the superstar.

Until the perfect script comes along, McGraw will no doubt remain busy for the rest of the year, with his new single, 'Truck Yeah,’ now available on iTunes for download. The superstar entertainer is also touring the country as part of the all-arena Brothers of the Sun Tour with Kenny Chesney, with dates scheduled through the end of August.