There are few pop culture accolades higher than PEOPLE's annual Sexiest Man Alive. Heck, even actor and perennial Sexiest Man Alive George Clooney made reference to receiving this vaunted status during his Oscar acceptance speech a few years ago. While actor Bradley Cooper took the top honor this year, country superstar Tim McGraw also made the list. That's right, ladies and gentlemen! For the third year in a row, McGraw has been anointed one of the Sexiest Men Alive.

While we're sure that McGraw, known for his dry, self-deprecating sense of humor, would have a hysterical quip about being named to this elite list for three years running. His wife, Faith Hill, is probably tickled pink to see her beloved husband recognized for his rugged good looks, his winning charm, his hilarious personality and his God-given talent. PEOPLE readers must love all the same traits that his wife does.

While this particular issue is always popular with the magazine's female subscribers, McGraw has often been viewed as a hunk to many country fans.

Anyone else out there think that Tim McGraw is hotter than Bradley Cooper?