Tim McGraw has at least five tattoos, including this Ichthys -- or "Jesus fish" -- inside his right arm. He told People that his first ink might not have been a great idea. "It was 3AM in New Orleans, and I was about 22 and drunk," he explained. "It's not hard to connect the dots!" So, the singer will forever have a leprechaun on his thigh. Additionally, he has DHD (for Dancehall Doctors) on his ankle, "Faith" on his right bicep and a cross with the initials of his daughters on wife on his left bicep.

It doesn't appear that wife Faith Hill has any tattoos, but she is clearly the inspiration behind many of her husband's inkings. Although she doesn't always approve of his artwork, McGraw says she doesn't give him a hard time. "She'll say, 'I'm not your mother!'" McGraw told People as he got the ankle tat.

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