Tim McGraw has made no secret of his fandom for fellow performer Taylor Swift. He invited her to collaborate with him on his current single, 'Highway Don't Care,' and she's also taking part in his upcoming TV special, 'Tim McGraw's Superstar Summer Night.' But although he's older and more experienced than Swift, McGraw says there's one area that he wouldn't dream of giving her advice about -- her dating life.

"She's young and beautiful and she's loaded," McGraw tells E! Online in a new interview. "She can do whatever she wants."

McGraw jumped at the chance to work with Swift, whom he calls "one of those real artists that comes along every once in awhile that creates such a wave that everybody falls into it." He praised her style, her singing and particularly her songwriting, but added that he's most impressed with the way she has handled the attention that has focused on her -- namely, her love life.

"I was young when I started, but not nearly as young as her," McGraw points out. "It's gotta be tough. But she's just got such poise and a confidence about her. I think she's really handled herself well."

'Tim McGraw's Superstar Summer Night' is set to air May 19 at 9PM ET on CBS.