Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert married on May 14, 2011, but they first connected six years earlier, in June 2005. A spark turned into fireworks quickly, and through the years they've had more ups than a couple can hope for, as well as a few downs. Here is a timeline of the country couple's romance.

Beginning with the CMT 100 Greatest Duets concert and ending with their divorce in 2015, these photos share the more memorable public moments they exchanged. For a decade they did a nice job of letting fans get close — but not too close — to their life at home. The relationship came with the rise in their careers. Both Shelton and Lambert are at the top of their games professionally in 2015.

Flip through this gallery timeline to learn more about the songs, the inspirations, the tears and the celebrations that have made Lambert and Shelton's relationship so unique. The couple announced they were divorcing on July 20, 2015, saying, "This is not the future we envisioned."

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Announce Their Divorce

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