Toby Keith’s daughter Krystal Keith was recently in a horrible car accident, and the star is now opening up about his feelings and the details of the event after the fact.

The singer and her family were headed to see fireworks July 4 when a drunk driver "almost took the lives of my entire family," Keith wrote afterward. Thankfully, Krystal, her husband and 21-month-old daughter came away relatively unscathed, but from the photos of the SUV afterwards, it looked pretty horrific.

“It was a bad accident, but that car performed really well,” Toby tells Rare Country. “I looked at it after it was over, and technology is so good today, they make the front end of the car collapse to where it gives some.”

Krystal posted a photo on Instagram after the accident July 4 showing the damage with a caption about the traumatic situation.

Keith continued to express his gratitude for how well the car functioned, especially the airbags.

“Those airbags in that thing reacted really wonderful. [Krystal’s] airbag went from her head to the brake pedal, and then out the side to the door. She was kind of in a cocoon,” he explained. “The baby was behind her in the seat facing the other way, so she was kind of in the cocoon [too].”

“It’s good that they weren’t on the interstate, were probably only traveling 50 and had time to hit the brakes,” Keith adds.

Krystal Keith turned to Instagram again on July 18 to thank fans for their prayers and share that she was "getting back to work" after the accident.

Keith recently performed at Nashville’s Ascend Amphitheater July 20 — his first show in Nashville in 13 years. According to Rare Country, the family was in attendance and looked healthy. The artist will soon be releasing a new record called The Bus Songs — and it won’t be as polished as his usual albums. It’s poised to hold a host of jams from the road, from inappropriate humor to self-deprecating tunes and marijuana — he covers all the bases. It’s slated to drop in September.

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