Toby Keith should be ready to raise a 'Red Solo Cup' in celebration. The singer's Toby Keith Foundation has designs on opening a facility to house and provide amenities for the families of children receiving treatment for cancer. The foundation is inching closer to its goal of opening the $8.5 million complex, dubbed the OK Kids Korral, as an Oklahoma City board has approved the plans.

News OK reports that the 25,000 square-foot building would feature 12 overnight suites for families to bunk in while their children are receiving care at a nearby hospital or center. It's a brilliant idea that allows parents to focus on attending to and supporting their sick children in addition to handling other daily duties and tasks in a comfortable environment.

The OK Kids Korral is slated to open in late 2013. The building process is scheduled to begin this coming spring.

"Instead of having to stay at the hospital during that time, the families can come back where they can use the library, play area — where parents can get on a computer and check email — or they can simply relax,” Toby Keith Foundation Director Juliet Nees-Bright said about the OK Kids Korral.

Congrats to the Toby Keith Foundation on this victory.